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The Importance of Storm Water Retention Ponds.

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but we sure do get our fair share of wet weather. Importance of storm water retention ponds in Florida.  The storms that come through Florida leave plenty of rain on the ground, but it doesn't always get washed away. This is where stormwater retention ponds come in! You may have noticed these small ponds on the side of the highway when you're traveling, especially alongside the interstate. What exactly is the purpose of these retention ponds? We'll figure that out and then some for you here!

A stormwater retention pond is a body of water where stormwater runoff is collected. Without these ponds, stormwater can cause significant chaos on our local bodies of water (lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, etc.) and our sewer system. Stormwater can carry some nasty things with it that it comes in contact with after it hits the ground, and these are things no one wants near their water supply or a local swimming area. Especially not something that needs to be introduced into a fragile ecosystem of aquatic life that could be living in these local bodies of water.

The retention ponds hold the stormwater runoff and slowly release it in a way that doesn't cause flooding or erosion of any sort. This saves the hassle of having to deal with water runoff that has been through who knows what because you can see where the water is being collected. These ponds also act as a purifier of sorts to make sure the stormwater is no longer contaminated as it is slowly released back into the water supply. This all works through a series of underground piping that collects the stormwater and diverts it to the retention pond that is typically close by.

Retention ponds are incredibly crucial in keeping Florida's natural beauty alive and well. Just make sure you don't take a dip in one on a hot day!

The iskimmer gets even smarter.

When you're driving along a highway and notice a large body of water on the sides of the road, they're not just pools of sitting water. What is a smart skimmer?  Those retention pond banks serve an essential purpose by collecting stormwater runoff, so it doesn't flood our roads. It also improves the water quality in adjacent rivers, streams, and lakes. But how does it improve that water quality if it's storm runoff? That's all thanks to a smart skimmer installed in these retention ponds. 

What about them makes them smart you ask? Well in the past, the construction of the skimmers was big and bulky, and cause many problems for landscapers trying to mow around the big skimmer. The mowers used to get the job done would end up tearing up the aluminum and galvanized steel skimmers and completely ruin the mounting angles and corners on the fiberglass ones. Here's where smart skimmers come in. 

With more accessibility to other building options, our smart skimmers have been beefed up to where they can handle a sideswipe from a tractor mower. A unique blend of the polymer was the solution. It's rigid enough to support the size and use of the skimmer and still manages to bend at will when coming in contact with a mower. If a tractor mower came into contact with these new smart skimmers, instead of breaking the corners, it merely bends and contorts to the invasive mower and returns to its original form right after. 

When these smart skimmers see a mower coming, it backs up! And the contact it makes won't damage or render the skimmer useless or under indefinite maintenance — an interactive, intelligent, and impact resistant option to keep any retention pond full of stormwater runoff safe from anything that comes into contact with these highway smart skimmers. 

To learn more about smart skimmers contact our team at Environmental Composites. 

Corrugated Aluminum Baffles

corrugated aluminum baffles fabrocatorIn Florida, sometimes there’s too much storm to handle during times like hurricane season. There’s so much water everywhere, from lots of rain to storm surges on the coasts. It can be hard to keep up with what’s tagging along in the stormwater running rampant through the streets. This is where corrugated aluminum baffles work themselves in.

What is a corrugated aluminum baffle?

Like a skimmer, these baffles collect and remove various sediments, debris, and other particles from stormwater.  It looks like a long aluminum tube and is relatively simple to assemble, only involving a couple of other components like plates and clips to keep everything in place.

How correctly does it work?

The structure of the baffle keeps oil and grease from making its way down into the French drains and contaminating it. The floatables in the control structure allow for this type of separation in the stormwater. It has already become a popular and successful use in Florida, and they have the storm experience to back it up!

Don’t let yourself get baffled this hurricane season. Corrugated aluminum baffles are here to get rid of all the unwanted pieces and parts that travel with the water after the storm.

Can molded fiberglass grating hold weight?

fiberglass platformsIf you’re looking for reliable flooring in an area prone to liquids sometimes covering walkways, molded fiberglass grating could be the ticket! This type of grating is composed of resin and glass fiber that is kept continuously kept wet and interlaced through a mold to create the grating. But can that hold the weight of heavy machinery and a fully staffed crew at the same time?

The durability of the molded fiberglass is incredibly durable and can hold its own under massive amounts of weight and not fracture or break. There is also the option to upgrade to a “High Load Capacity Molded Grating," and this ensures that the heaviest of equipment plus the workforce behind the machines, will be supported.

As well as being able to withstand the weight of a fully staffed factory floor, it also gives a non-slip surface  to avoid dangers slips and falls. There are two different type of top surfaces; a grit top which is a “quartz grit anti-slip surface” and a meniscus top which is a “concave, half-moon cross section with no grit." It is recommended to go with a top grit top surface as it provides extra safety coverage for hazardous areas.

These types of flooring and top surfaces can withstand even the most corrosive of environments. Some of the best places for molded fiberglass grating are paper mills, chemical plants, basically, anywhere that have to deal with chemical corrosion of any sort. This also stands for facilities that work with oils or various other liquids that will undoubtedly come into contact with the floor at some point.

The gratings can also range from a small room to an entire floor and more, as well as offering smaller holes in the grating for a handicap accessible option. Investing in molded fiberglass grating will save from costly floor repairs and eliminate a high risk for potential on the job injuries via slips and falls. Protect your work environment today!

Stormwater Retention Ponds and Florida's Hurricane Season.

Active rainy season and Florida hurricanes cause a lot of damage when water doesn't have somewhere to go. Stormwater Retention Ponds and Florida’s Hurricane Season This is why stormwater retention ponds are so essential to our tropical state.

Stormwater retention ponds act as basins to catch rain runoff from higher elevation areas. Stormwater retention ponds are often created near new building developments and in many instances, are a requirement for the new building, parking lot and road development.

While often overlooked in single family home residential areas, stormwater retention ponds are beneficial in these areas where the retention ponds capture stormwater runoff from damaging streets, driveways, and sidewalks.

Stormwater Retention Ponds Provide Two Primary Purposes:

1. They retain the runoff before releasing it into natural bodies of water, allowing the water to release at flow rates similar to those that exist in nature.

2. They provide pollutant removal through settling and biological uptake.

For these two purposes to be accomplished as efficiently as possible, vegetation in stormwater retention ponds must be kept at heights that allow inspection.

Stormwater retention ponds are among the most efficient, popular means of providing stormwater management throughout the entire United States. Florida, with a six-month rainy season and active Hurricane seasons, is at the top of the list for needing stormwater solutions the most.