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What is the iSkimmer?

iskimmerStormwater skimmers are not something that most think of, but it holds a very important job. These are commonly found in retention ponds, and their purpose is to stop contaminants (such as oil, grease, and other floating factors) from getting into our natural bodies of water. As stated earlier, the location of these is commonly in retention ponds, which are usually placed in a large grassy area. Due to the typical maintenance of the land, specifically mowing of the grass, this has caused damage to many skimmers thanks to the tractor mowers used. This has become a constant problem and always causes breakage some way or another, so how can it be fixed? The solution is easy; it’s the iSkimmer.

So what exactly is the iSkimmer?

 It is a structural fiberglass polymer angle that bends and contours with that abuse from the mower, and springing back to its original shape with hardly so much as a couple of scratches. Traditionally skimmers made from fiberglass have had rigid angles, not allowing for any give when it comes to a potential impact. The iSkimmer absorbs the impact and pops itself back to its normal form seconds after collision, time and time again.

This type of skimmer will last for years and years to come, still withstanding blow after blow be it mowers or something else. The most damage it can construe will be purely cosmetic ( a few scratches here and there, a dent or two – maybe). But that type of damage willhave not affecton the durability and flexibility of the iSkimmer.

To know that our natural bodies of water are safe from unwanted additions, thanks to the iSkimmer, is a good feeling. Remember that next time you’re enjoying a warm day out on the water and take the time to see how clear the water is. Faulty, cracked, and broken stormwater skimmers will make our waters murky and unsafe. iSkimmer will keep your summertime fun crystal clear!

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