EnviroCompositeā„¢ Stormwater Grate

Fiberglass composite grates

EnviroCompositeā„¢ Stormwater Grate

High flow-thru EnviroComposite™ Grate has been developed by ECI to satisfy the need for economical and strong grating. Each of our stormwater drainage grates is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and guaranteed for a long life.

FDOT stormwater control structures are available. Types C, D, E & H, are also available in Riveted and Welded Steel Grating with both painted and galvanized options.

Our stormwater drainage grates make installation easy, ensuring a quality application for many years.

Please contact us today at (352) 343-3449 or reach out to us on our online contact form to learn more about our EnviroComposite™ stormwater drainage grates and how we can custom manufacture a solution for your project.


Stormwater Fiberglass Composite Grating


Stormwater Brochure

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FDOT Type C Inlet Grate

FDOT Type D Inlet Grate

FDOT Type E Inlet Grate

FDOT Type H Inlet Grate

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