Environmental Composites

Mission Statement

To provide distribution, design and fabrication solutions to various markets while creating an environment that makes doing business fun, easy and profitable for all.

Our Story

Chet Simmons, Owner and CEO, began Environmental Composites, Inc. by providing a solution to the theft of stormwater aluminum skimmers throughout the State of Florida. Chet worked to develop and introduce the Enviro-Glaskimer fiberglass skimmer to the Florida stormwater market which eliminated the problem of theft and has become a standard for the design of stormwater retention pond skimmers. By offering a product that eliminated a problem and operating with the desire to form long-term relationships based on trust, loyalty, and shared success, Chet established our model of doing business.

Throughout Florida, wet and dry retention ponds are required to collect oil and grease and floating trash from stormwater runoff then serve to filter these pollutants from the water before they end up in Florida's pristine streams, rivers, lakes, and bays. The Enviro-Glaskimer developed by Environmental Composites Inc. saves state and local governments money in two important ways.

First, the Enviro-Glaskimer is not recyclable but yet is still "greener" than the recyclable aluminum skimmers it has replaced. The Enviro-Glaskimer is manufactured with less costly energy than the aluminum skimmers it replaces over and over, and since it is not recyclable, it is of no value to thieves who regularly steal aluminum skimmers and sell them to scrap dealers for cash. Thus, by not being "recyclable" this saves the taxpayers of Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs and improving the environment, not to mention a reduction in crime

Secondly, the Enviro-Glaskimer is impact resistant and intelligent. Many skimmers are installed in areas that see water only during the most severe storms when pollution is the highest. However, during the dry period's grass and weeds grow up around them, and tractor mowers are used to trim everything back. During that process, heavy mowers contact the skimmer bending or breaking the standard aluminum, galvanized steel or fiberglass skimmers. The Enviro-Glaskimer can take severe impacts from mowers, bend out of the way without breaking, and then automatically return to its original position ready to filter more trash and oil out of our waterways. No need to replace any broken skimmers or hammer bent ones straight, and they won't rot, rust or corrode. This results in more taxpayer savings.

Another innovative product from Environmental Composites Inc. is the theft resistant and corrosion resistant Enviro Composite-Grate pedestrian grating for stormwater control structures. Heavy cast iron or steel grates in stormwater control structures are old technology when compared with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistant Enviro-Composite Grate. No more pinched fingers, broken toes or sore backs when you switch to high flow through Composite Grates. They are more economical too! Available in standard Florida DOT sizes C, D, E, H and can be custom fabricated to any size including round.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • We are committed to 100% On-Time Delivery.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective solutions that satisfy their needs.
  • We are committed to supporting the engineering community by providing products that meet or exceed their performance requirements.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with a level of service and quality that meets their needs and makes their life easier.
  • We are committed to continue, long-term, managed growth.


Environmental Composites' manufacturing facility is strategically located in Central Florida on 3.3 acres with a 25,000 square foot manufacturing/warehouse facility. This central location provides easy access to major highways reducing transportation costs and offering the ability to travel anywhere throughout the state (and off to elsewhere in the United States) in a reasonable period.

Our unique ability to provide distribution and fabrication using a diversity of materials and capabilities that include; design, engineering, precision CNC routing & plasma cutting, welding, bending, shearing, layout, and assembly allow us to provide the most cost effective solution to each product/project needs. We take great pride in what we do and thus deliver product and service that is unmatched by our competition.

Our address is:

Environmental Composites, Inc
4250 Lake Industrial Blvd
Tavares, FL 32778
(352) 343-3449

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