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Since 1990

Over 16 years ago, the first Enviro-Glaskimer was installed near Orlando, Florida. Mr. Gratten White, then with Hubbard Construction and Chairman of the Orange County Highway Advisory Committee, volunteered to purchase the first "THEFT RESISTANT" structural fiberglass skimmer. Orange County Maintenance Supervisor, Ben Atkins, and his men installed this innovative concept on a chilly morning in hopes of preventing further loss of skimmers due to theft.

Since that first skimmer, over 55,000 Enviro-Glaskimers have been installed throughout Florida. Those fiberglass skimmers have no residual scrap value and therefore they are still on the job today, protecting the quality of our water in Florida.

Environmental Composites, Inc. has assisted engineers, contractors, and precasters in preserving the quality of Florida's environment. Theft-resistant, composite Enviro Glaskimers™ installed on precast concrete control structures or free-standing in drainage swales throughout Florida's stormwater retention pond systems have prevented oil, grease and floatables from intruding into our pristine rivers, lakes, and streams. Our extensive metal fabrication capabilities have provided opportunities to address specialty stormwater product needs that protect the environment. ECI designs, engineers and manufactures products from fiberglass reinforced plastic, aluminum, steel and stainless steel for stormwater treatment, water, and wastewater treatment and corrosion resistant applications.

Environmental Composites has enjoyed continual growth, increasing our Enviro-Glaskimer production as well as expanding our skimmer product line to include aluminum, steel, galvanized steel and corrugated aluminum skimmers and baffles. Additional product lines now include manatee gates, trash screens, trash racks, fiberglass ladders, walkways, platforms, flap, slide and shear gates and guides, corrosion resistant pump tables, pump shelves and splash shields for water and waste water treatment plants as well as miscellaneous aluminum and steel fabrication. Environmental Composites has gone as far as producing deck components for offshore drilling platforms in Indonesia.

We look forward to continued growth and working with our customers to develop new items and methods that save money. Our goal at Environmental Composites is to continue bringing our customers a quality product, quality service, and 100% on-time delivery.

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