FDOT Approved Misc. Metals Fabricator Facility #MM-FL-007

The iskimmer gets even smarter.

When you're driving along a highway and notice a large body of water on the sides of the road, they're not just pools of sitting water. What is a smart skimmer?  Those retention pond banks serve an essential purpose by collecting stormwater runoff, so it doesn't flood our roads. It also improves the water quality in adjacent rivers, streams, and lakes. But how does it improve that water quality if it's storm runoff? That's all thanks to a smart skimmer installed in these retention ponds. 

What about them makes them smart you ask? Well in the past, the construction of the skimmers was big and bulky, and cause many problems for landscapers trying to mow around the big skimmer. The mowers used to get the job done would end up tearing up the aluminum and galvanized steel skimmers and completely ruin the mounting angles and corners on the fiberglass ones. Here's where smart skimmers come in. 

With more accessibility to other building options, our smart skimmers have been beefed up to where they can handle a sideswipe from a tractor mower. A unique blend of the polymer was the solution. It's rigid enough to support the size and use of the skimmer and still manages to bend at will when coming in contact with a mower. If a tractor mower came into contact with these new smart skimmers, instead of breaking the corners, it merely bends and contorts to the invasive mower and returns to its original form right after. 

When these smart skimmers see a mower coming, it backs up! And the contact it makes won't damage or render the skimmer useless or under indefinite maintenance — an interactive, intelligent, and impact resistant option to keep any retention pond full of stormwater runoff safe from anything that comes into contact with these highway smart skimmers. 

To learn more about smart skimmers contact our team at Environmental Composites.