FDOT Approved Misc. Metals Fabricator Facility #MM-FL-007

Corrugated Aluminum Baffles

corrugated aluminum baffles fabrocatorIn Florida, sometimes there’s too much storm to handle during times like hurricane season. There’s so much water everywhere, from lots of rain to storm surges on the coasts. It can be hard to keep up with what’s tagging along in the stormwater running rampant through the streets. This is where corrugated aluminum baffles work themselves in.

What is a corrugated aluminum baffle?

Like a skimmer, these baffles collect and remove various sediments, debris, and other particles from stormwater.  It looks like a long aluminum tube and is relatively simple to assemble, only involving a couple of other components like plates and clips to keep everything in place.

How correctly does it work?

The structure of the baffle keeps oil and grease from making its way down into the French drains and contaminating it. The floatables in the control structure allow for this type of separation in the stormwater. It has already become a popular and successful use in Florida, and they have the storm experience to back it up!

Don’t let yourself get baffled this hurricane season. Corrugated aluminum baffles are here to get rid of all the unwanted pieces and parts that travel with the water after the storm.