FDOT Approved Misc. Metals Fabricator Facility #MM-FL-007

Protect the local wildlife by installing manatee grates

manatee gatesManatees, Florida’s gentlest giants, are naturally curious animals. Sadly, though, their curiosity often leads them into precarious situations. When manatees travel into waterways containing stormwater treatments or large vessels, they become trapped, injured or killed. 

By installing gates to protect manatees in Satellite beach, rescuers were able to rescue 19 manatees and return them  to safety.

Manatees are unable to tolerate water with temperatures of less than 68 degrees for extended periods of time. When they get stuck in water that’s too cold, their skin breaks into white patches and lesions and their bodies begin to shut down.

Because a majority of manatee fatalities are directly attributed to water control structures, manatee grates ensure that systems continue operating uninterrupted while simultaneously protecting these treasured creatures. Manatee gates are custom fabricated using steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, depending on specific need.

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