FDOT Approved Misc. Metals Fabricator Facility #MM-FL-007

Fiberglass Platforms

fiberglass platform floridaKnowing you’re working in a safe and sturdy environment is tremendous peace of mind to anyone. A lot of jobs require particular attention to where employees are at all times to ensure safety, the floor. These types of jobs fall into several industries such as dairy/food processing plants, water/wastewater treatment, chemical plants, and cooling towers, to name a few. We offer one-of-a-kind fiberglass platforms for these industries for use as walkways and catwalks throughout the facility. 

What makes our platforms stand out from the rest?

Our fiberglass platforms are an easy to assemble and easy to maintain system of walkways. The walking surface itself is entirely non-slip, allowing to make up for where a non-slip uniform shoe could fail. The handrails are lightweight along with the platform itself. This is because they are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic that is regulation and completely safe, not to mention free of any maintenance.

After any platform is manufactured custom for the buyer, it is tested to ensure the quality before being delivered. This gives our customers the security in knowing they are buying a top quality product that has been tested to the limit to ensure it will live up to their purpose. When all is said and done, and the product is ready to be shipped out, the customer is again benefited by our use of lightweight, yet sturdy, materials by saving on the shipping costs to get them ready to assemble platforms to their destination.

Please contact us at (352) 343-3449 or use our convenient online contact form to discover how you can get our platforms in your building today.