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Stormwater Retention Ponds and Florida's Hurricane Season.

Active rainy season and Florida hurricanes cause a lot of damage when water doesn't have somewhere to go. Stormwater Retention Ponds and Florida’s Hurricane Season This is why stormwater retention ponds are so essential to our tropical state.

Stormwater retention ponds act as basins to catch rain runoff from higher elevation areas. Stormwater retention ponds are often created near new building developments and in many instances, are a requirement for the new building, parking lot and road development.

While often overlooked in single family home residential areas, stormwater retention ponds are beneficial in these areas where the retention ponds capture stormwater runoff from damaging streets, driveways, and sidewalks.

Stormwater Retention Ponds Provide Two Primary Purposes:

1. They retain the runoff before releasing it into natural bodies of water, allowing the water to release at flow rates similar to those that exist in nature.

2. They provide pollutant removal through settling and biological uptake.

For these two purposes to be accomplished as efficiently as possible, vegetation in stormwater retention ponds must be kept at heights that allow inspection.

Stormwater retention ponds are among the most efficient, popular means of providing stormwater management throughout the entire United States. Florida, with a six-month rainy season and active Hurricane seasons, is at the top of the list for needing stormwater solutions the most.